The End is where we BEGIN...

because I know, there is someone who cares deeply about me on the other side of the world

In the blink of an eye,

everything can change.

So forgive often and 

love with all your heart.

You may never know 

when you wont have that chance again.

I look incredible + ganam style + live band  =3

all it takes to turn a frown upside down

Mountains don’t care.

Summer: Festivals, Beaches, BBQs, Concerts, Patio, Beer, Bday =)

Summer: Festivals, Beaches, BBQs, Concerts, Patio, Beer, Bday =)

More questions than answers…as always

Am I moving further and further away from my Dreams?

Resist the urge to smack everyone on the head for all the stupidity.

Do people work better with time constraints?

My 5 hr commute home


Despite the power outage, there were back up generators at the office.

Despite the back up generators failing, I wasn’t stuck in a lift.

Despite missing out on zumba, I got my exercise in from walking down 19 flights of stairs.

Despite not being hungry, I was able to have dinner and get my minion from Mcds.

Despite purposefully taking out my umbrella this morning, I was able to purchase the last umbrella from a random beauty store.

Despite TTC not running, a frd was able to advise on which was the nearest station to walk to.

Despite there being no shuttle buses, I was able to figure an alternative route.

Despite the long wait for the bus, I was able to squeeze on and shortly find a seat.

Despite the blanket of darkness on yonge street, there was elevator service in my building.

Despite my dead cell phone, I was able to charge it up with my 99% charged laptop.

Despite my panic attack, the electricity finally came back up and I was able to have a cold shower in the light.

A bit of rain can stop a city in its tracks. Cause chaos and pain. Never could I imagine a scene where wet and old people were struggling to push themselves on a bus.

Only was I thinking this morning, “what if suddenly everyone decided to not wake up from their sleep”

How little control we have over the world, over who we are, over where we came from, over where we go next. 

Everything is a gift that can be easily snatched away with a little thunder. 

Sure technology has enabled us to live life in unimaginable ways. Expanding and growing into bigger and wide spread communities, but everything breaks down when technology breaks down. EVERYTHING.

Thank you to the endless and tireless ttc cleaners, bus drivers who brought me home today. Thank you to the electricity city workers for restoring light.

With the series of past incidences…..asiana, derailed explosion, mom maybe you are right. 

Summer ……… :)

A billion receptors eagerly awaiting to be fed. 

And all they were given is garbage…..

They deserve better